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Watermill in the forest

This is a scene I made for fun, using a variety of tools.
The scene was modeled and rendered in Lightwave 2019 with the native renderer. It was also my last project with Lightwave before switching to Blender.
UV unwrap and textures were made in 3D-Coat. I usually prefer substance painter for texturing, but I wanted to give 3D-Coat a go as I will switch from MacOS to Linux in the coming weeks, and 3D-coat might be my main texturing tool from now on, as it used to be before substance painter.
Fluids were made in Blender, not with Mantaflow but with flip fluids plug-in that I still find more flexible than mantaflow for water, especially when it comes to exporting back the .OBJ sequences to Lightwave (thanks to OD-Tools set of plugins).